Top 5 Ayurvedic Medicine Shops in Kharar

Top 5 Ayurvedic Medicine Shops in Kharar – Ayurveda is a traditional Indian system of medicine. Its object is to keep health good and well-being by keeping the mind, body, and spirit in balance and blocking disease rather than healing it. To do this, it operates a holistic approach that combines diet, exercise, and life changes.

Ayurvedic medicine is a traditional way of healing arts that was started in India. This includes using products such as spices, herbs, vitamins, proteins, minerals, and metals (eg, mercury, lead, iron, zinc). Some developments combine herbs with minerals and irons. These products are usually sold on the Internet or in stores and are denoted as “Indian” or “Asian country”.

“Buyers should be aware that Ayurvedic products are usually not studied or supported by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), “Mike Levy, director of the Department of New Drugs and Labeling Compliance in the Office of Compliance, part of the FDA’s Drug Center. Says the director of. Evaluation and Research (CDER).

Most Ayurvedic products are marketed either as FDA-approved drugs for a use or as dietary supplements. As such, consumers should understand that these products have not been approved by the FDA before marketing.

Here are the Top 5 Ayurvedic Medicine Shops in Kharar

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1st Out of Top 5 Ayurvedic Medicine Shops in Kharar

Robin Ayurveda

Dr. Robin Anand is a reputed Ayurveda Physician based in NH1, Kharar with a career span of 5 years. He is an Ayurveda who has done his BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine, and Surgery) from the prestigious Gaur Brahman Ayurvedic College, Rohtak. The work done by Dr. Robin Anand in all fields has been recognized. Her expertise in Ayurveda form is HIV Prophylaxis, Chemical Peels, Anti-aging Treatment, Chin Reduction, Allergy Management, Vampire Face Lift Treatment, and Ayurvedic Massage Treatment to name a few. Dr. Robin Anand aims to make healthcare affordable. His treatment style is fact-based and patient-oriented where he analytically treats the ailments of those who come to him. Dr. Robin Anand’s practice is located at Anandam Hospital, NH1, Ambala. He is accessible to all his patients and his friendly demeanor ensures that his patients are open to him, which is extremely important in the medical field. Robin Anand is an expert in Shirodhara, an important part of Panchakarma. His advancement in Ayurveda over the last 5 years and commitment towards patient welfare has not limited him to Ambala only.

Contact details of Robin Ayurveda

Address – Arya College Rd, Sector 127, Main Bazar, Kharar, Punjab, India 140301

Business Phone Number – 07947377878

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2nd Out of Top 5 Ayurvedic Medicine Shops in Kharar

Gopal Ayurvedic Center

Gopal Ayurvedic Center is a prominent name in the Indian Ayurvedic landscape. Over the years, the brand manufacturing under the name KK Industries has established a strong clientele within the country. The legacy of the Gopal Ayurvedic Center dates back to 1987 when Shri Ram Gopalji left for Chandigarh from Sirhind. Due to fights and controversies in his Ayurveda and grocery store in Sirhind under the name of Animal Hari Ram Pansari Store, Gopalji was eager to start afresh and this was the beginning of Gopal Ayurvedic Kendra, a name that gained much love and trust. has gathered. last three decades.

However, it was not an immediate success. With little money in hand, Gopalji could only start a grocer store in Chandigarh. It took many years of patience, determination, and hard work to set up the Ayurvedic Store. In 1996, the Pansari store gave way to the Ayurvedic Centre. Little did Gopalji and their family know that in no time Gopal Ayurvedic Center would become synonymous with trust. Come 2002 and the shop was exclusively for Ayurvedic products which got a huge fan following. It was an eye-opener for Gopalji. His herbal formulation based on the science of Ayurveda has helped many patients over the years. Earlier daily stocks of these Ayurvedic products were sold like hotcakes. Packages of Sugar Nil Powder that helps control blood sugar and Panchaskar Churna which aids in digestion were among the first products that Gopal Ayurvedic Center successfully sold in large quantities. This in itself was a big boost and after that, to reach out to the larger crowd, a private setup (a pharmacy) was started. A small piece of the plot was identified in Balhari near Fatehgarh Sahib, Punjab, and KK Industries started with its own independent manufacture of fast-selling Ayurvedic products.

The beginning was small and humble. A single grinding machine was all the family could afford. However, the formulations made in this small manufacturing unit such as SUGARNIL, CERVIGONE, URIC NIL, PANCHSAKAR, HAIR PLUS became an instant hit among the locals. The news of the effect of these Ayurvedic formulations reached far and wide. It was a big win for Gopal Ayurvedic Center and the people behind it. The legacy of this center can be understood from the fact that renowned companies like Dabur and Zandu also approached the center for Ayurvedic tablets. This was the beginning of another phase. Seeing the customer loyalty and effectiveness of the products, Gopal Ayurvedic Kendra started coming up with its own tablet. What was once a very small, dedicated effort on the part of Shree Gopalji has grown manifold, so much so that customers have centrally chosen products from other well-known and mass-produced brands?

More than 30 years have passed but Gopal Ayurvedic Center remains the leader in the industry with more than 258 trusted, genuine and fast-selling Ayurvedic products. Our USP has remained the same over the years – high quality at affordable prices. Our products are 100% genuine without any adulteration. An indigenous brand that has committed to serving anyone who resorts to Ayurvedic art, Gopal Ayurvedic Center is dedicated to its cause to date.

Contact details of Gopal Ayurvedic Center

Address – Sco-112-113, Burail, Ekta Market, Sector 45C, Sector 45, Chandigarh, Punjab, India 160047

Business Phone Number – 097799 66966

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3rd Out of Top 5 Ayurvedic Medicine Shops in Kharar

Deep Brothers Medicos

The mind that customer satisfaction is as significant as their products and services, has helped this establishment earn a huge client base, which is growing day by day. This business employs somebody who is dedicated to their respective roles and puts in a lot of work to deliver the general vision and larger goals of the company. Medical Hall has built a fame for genuine quality medicines, personalized service, and maximum variety and availability of medicines – all important aspects of retail pharmaceutical service. We attempt a wide selection of genuine medicines at stores located in your neighborhood. Quality storage conditions at affordable prices.

Contact details of Deep Brothers Medicos

Address – Shop No. 12, New Mata Gujri Enclave, Near Mata Gujri Gurudwara, Kharar, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab, India 140301

Business Phone Number – 099143 06808

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4th Out of Top 5 Ayurvedic Medicine Shops in Kharar

Satyam Medical Store

Satyam Medical Store was built in the year 1994. We are a leading of Surgical Instruments. It can also be granted based on the particular requirements of our prized clients. These are huge demands by huge clients of various hospitals due to their flexible price. Our offered equipment is highly durable. We offer you customization of equipment at very reasonable prices. Does Satyam Medical Store afford free or paid home delivery service for medicines and different health products in and approximately Kharar?

Contact details of Satyam Medical Store

Address – Landran Rd, Pathran Wala Khoo, Kharar, Punjab, India 140301

Business Phone Number – 077104 71717

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5th Out of Top 5 Ayurvedic Medicine Shops in Kharar

Sandeep Medical Store

Sandeep Medical Store Ayurveda or Ayurvedic medicine is a system of traditional medicine native to India, we provide all types of Ayurveda or Ayurvedic medicine which uses a range of therapies, including panchakarma yoga, massage, acupuncture, and herbal medicine, to encourage health and well-being.

Panchakarma remedies can be harmful if performed by an inexperienced practitioner. Ask them to tell you about their qualifications and experience.

Contact details of Sandeep Medical Store

Address – 147, Link Rd, Ward No 10, Sector 43, Link Rd, Sector 43, Ward No 10, Guru Teg Bahadur Nagar, Kharar, Punjab, India 140301

Business Phone Number – 094175 27964

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About Ayurveda

Ayurveda is recognized by many scholars to be the greatest healing science. with Sanskrit, Ayurveda proposes “The Science of Life.” Ayurvedic knowledge started in India longer than 5,000 years ago and is often named the “Mother of All Healing.” It stems from the old Vedic culture and was taught for numerous thousands of years in a vocal tradition from accomplished masters to their followers. Some of this information was set to print some thousand years ago, but much of it is difficult. Original healing systems now familiar in West Asia have their roots in Ayurveda, including Homeopathy and Polarity Therapy.

History of Ayurveda

The ancient rishis or sages of truth discovered the truth through religious practices and disciplines. Through intense meditation, he revealed the truth in his daily life. The Ayurvedic way of health is a communication of the functional, philosophical and religious experiences of great sages. Historical evidence of Ayurveda can be found in the ancient books of knowledge known as the Vedas. The Ayurveda, gathered to have been transcribed 10,000 years ago, describes Ayurveda as a system that seeks to maintain health by using the underlying principles of nature to bring somebody back into balance with She or He true self.

Ayurveda and Science

Ayurveda is also a fine blend of science, religion, and philosophy. We use the word dharma to denote the discipline in philosophical concepts and conduct through which the doors of belief open to all aspects of life. The whole journey of life is considered sacred in Ayurveda. Ayurveda, into its scientific access to human life, works to provide the complex skills of the human body and mind. With its philosophical approach to human life, Ayurveda exhorts us to recognize ourselves as a subtle component of this magnificent universe. The philosophy of Ayurveda also teaches a range of conceptual systems characterized by balance and disorder and health and disease. Illness/health arises from the interrelationship between self, personality, and everything that happens in mental, emotional, and spiritual existence. Therefore, to remain healthy, there must be harmony between the purpose of treatment, thoughts, feelings, and physical action.

The physiological and medicinal concepts of Ayurveda are structured in “holism”. Therefore, the Ayurvedic description of “human body” and “medicines” is done from a holistic plane.

Ayurvedic body types

Ayurveda is set on the sources of the 3 doshas or 3 basic energy models which are more classified as Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. from Ayurveda, these doshas or guidance can be located in everybody and everything, making them basic building blocks of the physical world. All three doshas blend to create various conditions, strange foods, strange species, and even different individuals within the same species and each performs different physiological functions in the individual’s body. Huh.

Here you are being told about the three doshas and the different functions they perform within the body.

1) Vata Dosha (Wind Energy):

Vata is primarily composed of the elements of space and air. It is energy that is associated with creativity and flexibility and controls bodily functions associated with movement, including blood circulation, breathing, blinking, tissue movement, cellular motility, heartbeat, and communication between the mind and nervous system. . When there is an imbalance of Vata dosha in the body, it can create fear and anxiety.

2) Pitta Dosha (Fire Energy):

Pitta is principally formed of the elements fire and water and is an amalgamation of hot, sharp, light, liquid, oil, and mental qualities. Pitta is neither dynamic nor static but diffuses. It regulates the body’s metabolic system, including digestion, absorption, nutrition, and your body’s temperature. When in balance, it gives contentment and wisdom and its imbalance can lead to ulcers and anger.

3) Kapha Dosha (Water Energy):

Kapha is primarily made up of the elements earth and water. It is the energy that gives structure and strength to all things and provides the necessary harmony to maintain a particular form. It controls growth in the body and provides water to all parts of the body, it hydrates all cells and methods, lubricates joints, moisturizes skin, maintains immunity, and guards tissues. When in balance, it is expressed as love and forgiveness; And when it gets out of balance it can lead to feelings of insecurity and jealousy.


Is an ancient Ayurvedic herbal treatment for many ailments. Human studies show that it may help boost brain function, treat symptoms of ADHD, and reduce stress and anxiety. In addition, test-tube and animal studies have found that it may have anti-cancer properties and reduce inflammation and blood pressure. While these potential health benefits are promising, more research is needed to understand their full effects in humans. If you have health issue and you want Ayurvedic Medicine then here are the Top 5 Ayurvedic Medicine Shops in Kharar

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