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We at HR Training in Mohali institute understand the shortcomings in today’s human resource profession and hence have devised an effective program that is done after some serious market research and analysis. As we understand that the Human resource department has many functions but it can be summarised in main aspects, hence we have 3 modules on the same namely recruitment, core HR, and payroll. This course will help you prepare yourself in a way that you are ready to handle any role under the Human Resource Management responsibilities. We provide HR courses with a placement facility that will help you get a job and build your career in the corporate world of HR. We have a history of 100% placement assistance in the current market and also the quality of teaching is best.

Our trainers at HR Training in Mohali Institute hold a good experience in the corporates and they share this industry knowledge with students so it benefits them in their jobs. Training will be provided to you on LIVE job portals like Naukri, Monster, Indeed, Times and other responsibilities like payroll management and employee engagement programs will be a part of the course. We provide real-time and placement focused on HR training in Mohali. Our HR courses include basic to the advanced level of the HR department. As one of the best hr training institutes in Mohali, the training is given by industry experts. We provide 100% practical training and real-time case studies for practice. Our real-time case studies & assignments make this program more realistic.

This is a great opportunity to get Certified in HR for Freshers, Graduates, HR aspirants, and those who are already working as hr professionals and want to improve their skills, join our HR courses in Mohali.

What is HR Training?

The HR Training is focused on increasing the efficiency and professionalism of the HR Team and this is the main goal of the HR Training Program. The HR Training Program is based on the daily HR Practice, identifying the gaps in procedures and processes and leads the participants to do better HR Management every day. Effective HR Management is about small and constant improvements every day as the HR Function grows with its clients.

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The HR Training has to be focused on these main areas:

  • Business Strategy, HR Strategy and the impact on Human Resources
  • Internal and External Clients of HR
  • Main HR Roles in the Organization
  • HR Process Management and Process Measuring
  • HR Project Management
  • New trends in Human Resources and HR Best Practice
  • HR Team building

The HR Training is not focused on the expertise in the specific HR area as this should be received through different training courses, but this program is focused on building the common HR language in the department and sharing the same vision, goals, and the same approaches to work.

The Importance of Human Resource Training

Being the most important element of any organization, the training for Human Resources is of absolute importance and necessity. From hiring new employees to handling the exit interviews, the Human resources department has a significant role to play in the day to day functioning of an organization.

Why Is There a Need for Human Resource Training?

For seamless smooth processing in any organization, employees have to be selected wisely. It becomes the responsibility of the Human Resources department to choose by means of interviewing and other selection processes, the right applicant for the right job. In order to do that, the HR (Human Resources) department should have a team of well-trained professionals who can question appropriately, evaluate a candidate, and screen their backgrounds, etc. Human resource training is, therefore, a significant process in every organization as it equips the HR department to handle the various aspects of the organization.

Reasons Why Human Resource Training Is Important:

  • The HR department is responsible for developing newsletters and handling communication regarding any new policies with regards to the employees. To spread information across multiple streams without losing the core objective requires a well-prepared HR department at the helm.
  • Setting up training for new and existing employees also falls under the responsibility of the HR department. The HR personnel should be equipped with the knowledge of the right training for the right persons so that the result is fruitful.
  • There are multiple forms that have to be processed by the HR team like Visa processing for any travel, tax returns, etc. on behalf of their employees. These forms and paperwork require enormous knowledge on the subject for which the HR training is very much necessary.
  • For the HR department to learn to assess the different health programs for the employees will largely benefit not just the company but also the employees.
  • A better-trained HR personnel will have a better understanding of handling employee debate with required care and attention.
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How should HR Training be structured?

It is a difficult task to structure the HR Training right. It is not a one-time activity, but it is a program, which should grow as the members of the team acquire new skills and competencies. The HR Training Program is not an intensive activity for a month and it is not repeated then. The training program has to be divided into several years and it has to be enriched by the new content, new perspectives, and the successes of the HR team.

The HR Training in Mohali should involve almost all members of Human Resources as they feel like the real members of the HR Team and they have the possibility to build informal relationships with others.

The structure of the HR Training has to be flexible and the trainers have to ask for immediate feedback after each course as the program can be improved and the participants feel the enrichment of their work.

HR Training cannot be just theoretical. After each course, the HR Management should identify the issues, which can be solved using the new skills and the HR staff should focus on solving the issue a new way. It is extremely important that the reality and the theory are connected and the values demonstrated during the HR Training Program are visible in the approach of Human Resources and in the approach of the HR Management Team every day.

Human Resource Course Syllabus

1. Introduction to HR

  • What is Human Resource?
  • How HR department works
  • Roles & responsibilities of the HR professional
  • Why should a company hire an HR professional?
  • Understanding organization structure

2. Recruitment

  • Introduction to the recruitment process
  • Screening and shortlisting resumes
  • Scheduling Interviews
  • Communication with job seekers
  • Job analysis & posting

3. Staff Management:

  • Understanding Staff release & resignation process
  • Existing Staff management
  • Training & development to staff

4. Payroll

  • Running payrolls
  • Paying benefits & compensations
  • Managing Employee referrals & performance
  • Keeping staff records

5. Employee Hiring

  • Undertaking Employee/Contractor joining formalities
  • Managing offer letters, resignation
  • Finding talent in the market
  • Understanding job portals & professional networks
  • Performance appraisal
  • Compensation & Incentives

6. Labour laws

  • What are Labour laws?
  • Understanding Labour Laws

Who Should Attend?

HR Training in Mohali has been specifically built to provide a background in Human Resource Management (HRM) for those who want to make a career in the Management sector or newly appointed HR practitioners from all industries, or those who all are willing to learn the management feature of companies or any industries in the field of Human Resource Management (HRM) and Human Resource Development (HRD).

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The most important key or assets of any Organisation is the Human Resource Department, Human Resource Management is very important to any Organisation for the managing and maintaining Employees and to keep Employees motivated and encouraged so that productivity of Organisation will be increased & quality things will be delivered based on new inventions or any technology.

The Human Resource Department is essential to reach the goals and objectives of any Organisation. HR Training in Mohali Institute enables a learner to enter into a company as a good HR person through huge experience of Practical Training in HR to meet the challenges at present & future.

Why should I attend?

If you are willing to make your career in Human Resource Training and Management Then the HR institute in Mohali provides you a better skill to implement a Quality Standard to become a successful HR Person by getting certified with World Wide accredited certification. HR Training not only gives benefits to the individual person, but it also helps the Organisation to Grow ahead. An HR can be aware of changes which happen in Organisation, understand Employees’ needs, work with Compensation & Negotiation skills, provide Training & Development activities for Employees, etc. If you want to improve or learn or implement productivity to one quality standards and develop your sets of skills to reach your goal in your Organisation or your working Organisation.

Proficiency After Training

  • Efficiently work in any functions of the Human Resource.
  • Learn the importance of HR function in any organization.
  • Understand the different profiles within the HR functions.
  • Plan, manage and coordinate all human resources initiatives; recruitment, compensation, benefits, training, and employee relations of an organization.
  • Ensure policies, procedures, and HR programs are consistently administered, aligned with organizational goals, and are in compliance with professional standards, state and federal regulatory requirements, and laws.

Why Choose us for HR training in Mohali?

  • 100% Guaranteed Placement Assistance in IT Companies.
  • Hands-On Training in PayRoll, Generalist hr, Recruitment, Employee Assessment, HR Analytics
  • HR Instructor has 11+ Years Experience
  • Real-time Project Training
  • Certification in HR
  • Freelance Support
  • CV Preparation and Interviews Q & A Support
  • HR Training is for: Freshers, M.B.A./ B.B.A. / B.B.M., Management students & Working Professionals

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