Top 5 PTE Coaching Classes in Mohali

Top 5 PTE Coaching Classes in Mohali – If you want to get the best PTE Coaching in Mohali, then you must look for the top PTE Institutes in Mohali providing PTE Coaching Classes where you can get all the training you need to perform well in the exam.

The PTE is the world’s driving computer-based test of English for study and emigration abroad. To finish a PTE test, you must go to a safe Pearson test exercise.

Here are the Best Top 5 PTE Coaching Classes in Mohali

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1st Out of the Top 5 PTE Coaching Classes in Mohali


ThinkEnglish is the best platform to check good results in Pearson Test of English (PTE). They are a group of exceptionally committed and self-motivated experts who have an unwavering duty to provide the students with the best PTE Coaching in Mohali which empowers them to fulfill their objectives. The students are provided with a real exam-like experience to ensure that they are prepared to take the online test. Students are given the freedom to join the batch as per their convenience of the time

ThinkEnglish offers Spoken English Classes, PTE, IELTS, Personality Development, Interview Preparation Classes in Chandigarh Mohali. It is also counted among the best coaching institutes for PTE, Spoken English Classes, Personality Development, Interview Preparation Classes. We have vast experience and expertise in training students to prepare for IELTS, PTE, Spoken English and Interview.

Contact Details of  ThinkEnglish

Address: S.C.O. 113, First Floor, Phase-11  ,Sector- 65, Mohali, Punjab, India

Business Phone Number: 95777-05000


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2nd Out of the Top 5 PTE Coaching Classes in Mohali

Touchstone Institute

The best thing about this PTE Coaching Institute in Mohali is that mock tests are conducted every Saturday in an environment similar to the real PTE exam.

Touchstone is a group of self-motivated, exceptionally dedicated experts with a determined spotlight to engage our students with the best PTE training in Mohali that empowers them to meet their objectives.

The mission of this PTE Institute is to develop students’ achievement by building world-wide standard capabilities of English correspondence, leading to self-satisfaction and intensity in a worldwide society.

Contact Details of Touchstone Institute

Address: SCF 94 Level 2, Phase 3B2, Mohali, Punjab, India

Business Phone Number: +91 172 500 0060

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3rd Out of the Top 5 PTE Coaching Classes in Mohali

Grey Matters

Grey Matters, is one of the top institutes in Chandigarh which provides coaching for study abroad courses, IELTS, GMAT training, GRE, SAT, TOEFL Training. It is renowned institute in Chandigarh for its results. It is one stop solution for aspirants of GRE,IELTS. The faculty is well experienced. The overall success ratings of the institute is up to the mark. The students who enroll at Grey Matters, have an extra edge on others. The institute gives brilliant ground to the students. With the excellence in teaching methods, It is become the Top best Institute in Chandigarh. There are highly qualified teachers with professional teaching with regular tests that are going to help you to evaluate your regular performance. the highly qualified teachers teaches with the great teaching methodology, there are also doubt counters which help you to clear your doubts and get ahead of the confused students.

Contact Details of  Grey Matters

Address: SCO:89, near KFC, Phase 3B2, Punjab 160060, India

Business Phone Number:  099888 92548

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4th Out of the Top 5 PTE Coaching Classes in Mohali

Dolphin Head Hunters

Dolphin Head Hunters entered the education industry in the year of 2009 and eventually started offering the best IELTS Coaching in Chandigarh. Over a period of a decade, the reforms helped transform this institution into a big brand.

Carrying on from the legacy, Dolphins started the success rate in IELTS industry by giving top results in IELTS exam. Our sole aim is to provide the best IELTS coaching which can help the students to get their desired band score. We never hesitate to deliver what we promise.

We have hired highly experienced and renowned intellectuals for the post of IELTS Instructors who are also certified by IELTS testing authorities. Along with this, our range of facilities is tailored to the individual needs of each and every aspirant taking IELTS coaching here.

Based on the efforts rendered, our faculty has been awarded with many awards for providing holistic development to prepare all IELTS test modules with ease.

Contact Details of Dolphin Head Hunters

Address: SCO: 85-86, 2nd Floor, Sector 34-A, Chandigarh, 160022, Punjab, India

Business Phone Number:  0172-4005567 , 9780754465


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5th Out of the Top 5 PTE Coaching Classes in Mohali

British Career Group

This institute is one of the best centers for PTE coaching in Mohali, mainly because it stresses on all PTE based tasks such as grammar, rhythm, intonation and correct speech. The modules of the test are given individually and then combined  the test as a whole. The students will also be required to solve online mock test series to gain a proper feel of the test.

Contact Details of  British Career Group

Address: SCF – 54, 2nd Floor, Sector 61, Mohali, Punjab, India

Business Phone Number:  099889 22775

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What is PTE?

PTE Academic is a computer-based academic English language test aimed at non-native English speakers studying abroad. It tests reading, listening and speaking and writing.

Questions often test 2 skills at once, such as listening and reading or reading and speaking. The entire test is done in a single session lasting 3 hours and is taken sitting at the computer in a secure testing environment. The speaking part of the exam is done on computer. Your voice is recorded and sent for marking.

PTE Exam Types

There are three types of PTE Exam

PTE Academic

This exam can be taken throughout the year as per the convenience of the examinee and the dates available. The reading, writing, speaking and listening skills of the candidate are tested in this exam format. The test is given on a computer at a secure test center. The validity of marks is 2 years.

PTE General

This test can be taken 3 times a year. May, June and December. You can check the available dates from the official website of PTE. This test consists of two parts: a written paper and an interview-like spoken test, where both parts evaluate the test taker’s reading, writing, speaking and listening skills with a more realistic approach. The test format includes six different proficiency levels designed to test and validate the test taker’s general English language abilities. The score is valid for a lifetime.

 PTE young learners

This test is designed for children 6 to 13 years old. It includes story writing, picture matching, group speaking section and board game. It is a fun test

Incorporating real life scenarios to assess the English language skills of children in a stress free manner. The score is valid for a lifetime.

Format of PTE Exam

The PTE exam format is designed to assess the speaking, writing, listening and reading skills of the candidates in the English language. The PTE exam consists of three main parts – Speaking and Writing, Reading and Listening, which the candidates need to complete in 3 hours with a 10-minute break that alternates between the reading and listening parts. Various questions are asked in PTE exam from multiple choice, essay writing to information of interpretation. Given below is the detailed PTE Exam Pattern.

Speaking & Writing

This section tests a candidate’s spoken English as well as English writing skills in an academic environment. Candidates need to use correct grammar and spelling while writing the answers to the given questions. This part of PTE Academic Exam is divided into several smaller sections as mentioned in the above table. Candidates are given 77 to 93 minutes to complete the Speaking and Writing section.


This section assesses the reading skills of the candidates with a set of different questions such as multiple choice, rearranging paragraphs and filling in the blanks. The Reading section of the Pearson Test of English is 32 to 41 minutes long and evaluates a candidate’s understanding of written information in the English language. Candidates are advised to read the questions carefully and answer accordingly.


Listening is the last section of the PTE exam. Divided into various smaller parts, this section tests the candidate’s ability to understand spoken English. The questions covered in this section are based on an audio or video clip played only once for the candidates taking the test. So, they need to listen to the clip very carefully and make notes. The audio or video clips are generally of 60-90 seconds and candidates get 10 minutes to write their response in 50-70 words.

PTE Scoring

The PTE Score Report provides an overall score which is subsequently divided into two main categories: Communication Skills and Competent Skills. There are four contributors to your communication skills, namely listening, reading, speaking and writing. Your enabling skills made up of grammar, verbal fluency, pronunciation, spelling, vocabulary and written discourse.

To get a 20 score to immigrate to Australia, you must have an average score of 79 with a skill score of not less than 79. Let us see how the computer calculates the overall score of your PTE test score.

First, they add up all the scores of the enabling skill. Then, the sum is divided by 6 which is the number of items added. This number, which is the average sum of the enabling skills, becomes the fifth contributing factor along with the other four communication skills in the overall calculation of the PTE score. In other words, your enabling skills can indirectly help you raise your average. For example, I had a student who had no less than 79 skills, but had an average of 78. This meant that he could only claim 10 points instead of 20 as his average was not 79. Therefore, enabling skills can be decisive if your communication skill scores are borderline.

The overall score is usually rounded up, and once the average is above 88, it will be rounded up to 90 and the enabling skill average is automatically disregarded. PTE can see in the report card.

So let’s test this hypothesis by computing the average of some score reports. So first this one is: so I add up the enabling skill and then divide it by 6 and the result is 37.5. It will be the fifth contributor to the calculation of the overall score and the sum of communication skills plus competent skills average will be 189.5. When divided by 5, this sum will be 37.9 which will be rounded off to 38.

Now some shocking cases that don’t really add up and I haven’t found any explanation for them.

So here as you can see without even using the calculator you can see that the average of communication skills is 74ish and if you add 6 enabling skills, you will have 453 and dividing it by six You will get 75.5. Now if you add this figure to the above sum and divide it by 5, you will get an overage of 74.5. But as you can see here the total score by computer is 72.

 Benefits of PTE

Global acceptance

PTE score is accepted and recognised by more than 6000 organisations around the globe. These organisations include educational institutions, immigration agencies, governments, and employers. Hence, it’s an ideal option for students to earn an English proficiency certificate for different purposes.

Quick exam results

The PTE exam has set a world record in 2013 to deliver more than 70 percent test results within three days. Usually, PTE provides the score within five business days of the exam date. Hence, PTE is an excellent option for students to apply for admission in foreign universities to avoid waiting for results.

Fair scoring

Automated software is used to check the answers of the candidates. No human interference is allowed in the examination or checking of grading. Hence there is no possibility of bias or bias in the examination.

No ambiguous questions

The questions found in the test are taken from real life examples and educational material. For example, short essays and multiple choice questions are useful in daily life.


Here are the Best Top 5 PTE Coaching Classes in Mohali. Nowadays, IELTS, TOEFL and PTE are some of the most popular English proficiency tests available in the market. The Pearson Test of English (PTE) is the latest entrance in the English Testing Department. Interestingly, PTE has gained popularity among the students in a very short span of time. The major factors in the popularity of the exam are safety, quick results and reliability. The PTE score is accepted for study, immigration and work in English-speaking countries.

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