Top 5 SMO (Social Media Optimization) Training Institutes in Mohali

Top 5 SMO (Social Media Optimization) Training Institutes in Mohali – Social Media Marketing (SMM) is an art of getting referral traffic to your website with the help of major social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc., through various social activities to generate traffic from sources other than search. engines. It is similar to SEO and when both are used hand in hand it will lead to several benefits.

These Top 5 SMO (Social Media Optimization) Training Institutes in Mohali offers hands-on social media marketing course training to provide in-depth knowledge of the latest techniques and strategies for a results-oriented approach.

They teach you how to create viral marketing campaigns using organic, paid, and multi-channel paid social media strategies. In general, the training will cover how to market a brand, product, or service and attract massive traffic from different social media sites and how to create paid advertising campaigns for the relevant audience. If you do, your brand will get a name and your awareness will grow around the world.

Today, all organizations have their social media profiles and are promoting their brand globally for greater reach. So there is a huge job market for social media consultants, social media marketing managers, social media analysts, etc.

Their social media marketing training offers job assistance after the successful completion of the course. Their Twitter marketing and Facebook marketing training will prepare you with current techniques and strategies to face the competitive world energetically and profitably.

Here are the Top 5 SMO (Social Media Optimization) Training Institutes in Mohali

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1st out of Top 5 SMO (Social Media Optimization) Training Institutes in Mohali

WebHopers Academy

Although many institutes offer the best SMO training course in the city of Mohali, choosing the right one for you can be a challenge. Are you the one staying in Mohali and looking for the best SMO training? If your answer is yes, here you have the perfect solution for you.

Now you don’t need to search any further for the best training center in Mohali as WebHopers Academy is the best option you can choose. It is the best training institute that provides SMO training to students.

WebHopers Academy is one of the best institutes in Mohali offering SMO training to students. So if you are the one looking for the best institute to get social media optimization training, we suggest you choose WebHopers Academy.

The knowledgeable and knowledgeable members of the WebHopers Academy staff bring great knowledge to their students. These are some of the unique points mentioned below when choosing WebHopers Academy.

Contact Details of WebHopers Academy

Address: sector 34 Chandigarh near Piccadilly square Chandigarh Mohali, near Panchkula, Chandigarh 160022

Phone Number: 098568 90001

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2nd out of Top 5 SMO (Social Media Optimization) Training Institutes in Mohali


CIIM (Chandigarh Institute of Internet Marketing) offers you the most up-to-date and practical SMO training courses in Chandigarh as well as Panchkula and Mohali.

They are in the age of high-tech technology, e-commerce and online business, etc., where SEM or search engine optimization plays a crucial role. SEM consists of SMO (Social Media Optimization) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SMO is more effective than SEO and is in high demand.

Their SMO training in Mohali, India allows you to work for reputable online marketing companies or start your own business and earn whatever amount of money you want.

You can even freelance full or part-time and work from home and earn in dollars. You can work for various SMO projects that are outsourced by many companies in different countries. You can also earn through blogging, Google Adsense, etc. on your website.

Contact Details of CIIM

Address: SCO 54-55, Sub. City Center, Sector 34A, Sector 34, Chandigarh, 160034

Phone Number: 073473 92745

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3rd out of Top 5 SMO (Social Media Optimization) Training Institutes in Mohali

Solutions 1313

Solutions 1313 is known as one of the best digital marketing companies and training institutes in Mohali. Offer advanced training in social media marketing in Mohali. They provide you with the best and qualitative social media marketing training in Mohali. Their well-designed course will help students with in-depth knowledge of using social media techniques to increase website traffic.

Furthermore, their institute for Social Media Marketing in Mohali will also provide you with practical guides for all the concepts you learn. However, social media marketing plays an important role today and every business would like to use social media marketing (SMM) platforms to make themselves visible to their target audience.

Their social media marketing training at Mohali is also based on the latest social media trends. In addition, they will provide you fully live training on different social media platforms with 100% job placement.

They will also inform you about different social media marketing tools that will give you the best results, increase traffic to your website and increase your credibility as well as your brand in the market.

Contact Details of Solutions 1313

Address: SCO 54, 2nd Floor, Sec 82, JLPL, Mohali

Phone Number: +919216041313

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4th out of Top 5 SMO (Social Media Optimization) Training Institutes in Mohali

Problab Technologies

Although there are so many SMO training institutes that are available on the internet, an SMO training course in Mohali at Problab Technologies can really teach you how to do SMO practically and finally take you to an SMO expert, it is only provided by no other technology from Problab Technologies. Their advanced social media optimization training course is intended for anyone looking to learn SMO from scratch and become an SMO specialist.

If you are just looking for a regular informative course that can satisfy your curiosity for social media optimization, they would like to inform you that you are on the wrong website. But if you are very serious about SMO training in Mohali.

And want to make your career in the social media optimization industry then you need the proper training and guidance provided by Problab Technologies through your SMO training course. Advanced in Mohali, which includes everything you need. be an expert SMO professional.

Contact Details of Problab Technologies

Address: SCO: 54-55, 3rd Floor, Sector 34A, Sector 34, Chandigarh, 160022

Phone Number: 098788 73077

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5th out of Top 5 SMO (Social Media Optimization) Training Institutes in Mohali

Webx Technology

Webx Technology offers SMO vocational training courses in Gurgaon to all applicants belonging to different regions of India or outside of India. Professional social media experts are here to guide you on the latest tools, techniques, plugins, content and paid campaigns.

The course module is designed to offer qualitative concepts with in-depth knowledge. Webx Technology makes sure to cover all the important aspects of social media optimization, which will make the social campaign eligible for a large audience.

Live project training will be offered that will let you know how to work on different modules and how to generate traffic through effective and ethical means. Webx Technology is conceptualizing new ideas to make SMO or SMM activities more effective.

Freelancers, housewives, or entrepreneurs can join the programs on weekdays, weekends, or alternatively. After successful completion of this course, an SMO Training Certificate will be provided to applicants mentioning the live projects they have worked on.

Contact Details of Webx Technology

Address:  126, SCO 354, Sector 34A Rd, Sub. City Center, Sector 34, Chandigarh, 160022

Phone Number: 098727 55449

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SMO Training Course Syllabus

The syllabus for SMO is carefully drafted so that the candidate can have a thorough understanding of this powerful concept. We update the syllabus from time to time so that it is not only fresh but also the best. They also ensure that it meets the current industry standards.


  • Introduction to Social Media and network Channels
  • Facebook Account Setup
  • Initial Setup Facebook Fan Page
  • Increase Facebook Friends
  • Create Facebook Photo Album
  • Facebook Video Uploads
  • Join Group and Interaction
  • Increase Post Likes, Comment & Shares
  • Design Facebook Cover Page
  • Weekly Status Updates
  • Facebook Photo Album
  • Facebook Video Uploads
  • Facebook Campaign Creation & Management
  • Third-Party Tool Integration


  • Twitter Account Setup
  • Twitter Page Creation
  • Twitter Regular Updates
  • Design Twitter Background Image
  • Twitter Account Creation
  • Custom Twitter Background


  • Linkedin Profile Creation
  • Regular Updates
  • Monthly Linkedin Profile Updates
  • Join Group and Interaction
  • Add Connections
  • LinkedIn Personal Profile
  • LinkedIn Company Page Creation
  • LinkedIn premium account


  • Google+ Account Set-Up
  • Creation of Google+ Brand Page
  • Google +1 Votes on Posts
  • Google+ Followers
  • Post Regular Updates
  • Join Community and Interaction
  • Design Google+ Cover Image
  • Response Management
  • Create brand page


  • Pinterest Account Creation
  • Create Board
  • Uploading Pins on Boards
  • Pinterest Followers
  • Following Relevant Pinners
  • Re-pinning of Relevant Content
  • Sourcing of Pin Board Content
  • Pinterest Profile Content Writing
  • Pinboard Creation


  • Youtube Channel Creation
  • Upload Videos with Keywords & Content
  • Promote Videos and Increase Viewers?
  • YouTube Channel Creation
  • YouTube Channel Custom Background
  • YouTube Channel Profile Content Writing
  • Submission of Client Provided Videos


  • Stumbleupon Profile Creation
  • Increase Followers
  • Bookmark Targeted Landing Pages


  • Overview of Social Media Marketing
  • Benefits of Social Media Marketing
  • Latest Stats and Trends about Social Media (Global & India)
  • Orientation to Facebook Brand Pages

Implementing Facebook Marketing Strategy

  • Facebook engagement Overview
  • Facebook Applications for Fan Growth and Engagement
  • Creating Brand Ambassadors on Facebook
  • From Objectives to ROI
  • Competitive Research
  • Demographics Research
  • Analyzing Customer Interest
  • Strategy Presentation by Participants

Facebook Advertising

  • Types of Facebook Ads ( Objectives)
  • Increasing CTR
  • Significance of CTR (Click Through Rate)
  • Optimizing Ad Copy & Targeting
  • Budget and Bid Analysing


  • Implementing Twitter Marketing Strategy
  • Twitter in Plain English
  • Twitter for PR, Brand Building, Customer Engagement, and Thought Leadership
  • Leveraging Lists, Hashtags & Trends
  • Tools to listen & measure Influence on Twitter: TweetDeck, Klout, PeerIndex
  • Twitter Strategy Framework: From Objectives to ROI
  • Exercise: Creating Twitter Marketing Strategy

Benefits of SMO

The optimization of social networks, SMO and SMM are the important part of Internet marketing that helps a company grow and increase its reach through the different platforms available Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, and other social communities.

Social media has continued a new dimension of “communication” and “interaction” to the concept of marketing. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Fortune 500 companies or startup startups, social media has become the center of marketing strategy for every organization. Here are some of the benefits of SMO for a business that you can’t afford to ignore.

If you have a business that you are seeking SMO services for or you are uncertain whether to invest in SMO or not, here are amazing points on how SMO services will benefit your business.

Increase brand visibility and recognition

Customers will find you only when they are looking for specific products and services similar to what you offer. With the social media marketing service, it would appear in front of users when they browse the various social networks.

This increases your brand visibility and increases your brand recognition. It is an excellent way to generate new leads and turn them into sales.

Communication channel

Social media is a great platform where brands can communicate and build relationships with their customers. In addition to traditional email and call support, communication via Facebook or Twitter page is more engaging and fun, allowing customers to communicate with them easily and can have a great relationship.

Ease of targeting and high conversion rates

On social media platforms, one can easily advertise to a target audience with a high conversation rate, saving marketing budgets.

Or, if your company covers the global audience, then it will be much easier to reach the global audience with SMO services. Studies have shown that the cost of acquisition with social media marketing is much lower compared to traditional marketing methods.

Lower marketing cost

Not everyone can pay for print advertising or television advertising, but they can pay for SMO services. If you are a small business or startup with a smaller marketing budget, then social media is the best to easily reach potential customers. A well-designed marketing campaign on social media is enough to enjoy the maximum return on investment.

Improve brand loyalty

All companies must earn the loyalty of their customers, as loyal customers are the backbone of all companies. Social media marketing allows you to interact and engage with your customers regularly, taking their feedback and thereby enhancing your brand image and loyalty.

Why Social Media Marketing (SMM) is important?

Social media marketing covers everything from Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, and Twitter to forums, but it is the “social” part that is complicated and most important (ie how to use these social media tools and apps to connect and interact). with your potential customer base).

Social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc. have high traffic and visitors that can be funneled to your site if a proper social media marketing campaign is implemented in conjunction with your search engine marketing campaign.

Making use of the available social media platforms will attract visitors to your site and generate interest in your company’s products and services. Social media marketing is about establishing huge cohesive user networks, sharing your content, opinions, views, and fostering community interaction and development through various social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Digg, StumbleUpon. , LinkedIn, and many more.

A large number of social media channels on the web must be segregated and used according to your marketing needs to generate the best possible result. This requirement has led to the process called Social Media Optimization.


The above list of Top 5 SMO (Social Media Optimization) Training Institutes in Mohali has been compiled by us. Although every step has been taken to list your details, we still advise you to contact the office.

This list will help you with the names of the Top 5 SMO (Social Media Optimization) Training Institutes in Mohali. We will advise you not to make any decision based on this list. You need to talk to some counselors and decide for yourself – which one you will most like.

If you think we have left any of the Top SMO (Social Media Optimization) Training Institutes in Mohali. Please tell us about it. We were sure it would be fun to list it. If you want any of the above SMO (Social Media Optimization) Training Institutes to be removed from the list due to a bad experience. However, the decision to add or remove entries is up to you. And to think so is to follow the right procedure

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