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WordPress Training in Mohali is one of the best WordPress Training Centers. We provide wordpress development classes in Mohali. Once you are trained in WordPress in WordPress Training in Mohali, you get placed in Web Developing companies as we assist in Placements also, along with that you can also develop your own online business. WordPress knowledge has become the essential for web developers, designers and corporate companies are expecting WordPress knowledge in PHP developers. So join us to get more specialists in WordPress. We give WordPress training Institute in Mohali.

We have framed a WordPress course to give web designers the skills, tools, and knowledge to execute and maintain a WordPress site. Students will learn how to install and arrange WordPress, to troubleshoot, in case of problems. The course is a combination of lectures and hands-on exercises that offer practical real-world experience.At WordPress Training Institute in Mohali, you will be provided training by the experts in the industry that will coordinate with you to make sure that you are being trained at the absolute best level. You will be taught how to direct your own website and design your own blog where you could post anything you would like to. It’s an open-source CMS that’s based on MySQL and PHP. Its stunning features are a template system as well as plugin architecture. Mostly, people use it for blogging purposes. However, it supports many web content types such as media galleries, traditional mailing lists, as well as online stores.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free & open-source blogging tool and a content management system built on PHP and MySQL. WordPress was started in 2003 using a single bit of code to boost the typography of day by day writing with less no of users. Since then WordPress is the most popular wide reaching self-hosted blogging tool used on the web across the world. It is used on millions of websites and observed by tens of millions of people each day. WordPress is an Open Source Project, the license which means it can be used for free without paying a license fee. WordPress began just as a blogging system, but now it has developed to be used as a full content management system. WordPress uses themes, plugins, and widgets.There are a numerous number of benefits you get by learning WordPress. Most of the top bloggers in the world use WordPress as their Content Management System which presents the power of WordPress.

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In our WordPress training in Mohali we teach you from the basic to expert level, our trainers are industry level expert’s having experience of more than 7+ years in the market, We focus on practical knowledge and hands on experience when it comes to our teaching method, At Word{Press Training in Mohali, we prepare you for the future and help you to create your identity online. With the quality of our training we can proudly say we are the best “WordPress training in Mohali”.


1.Foundations of a WordPress-based website

  • Understanding and Using domain names
  • WordPress Hosting Options
  • Installing WordPress on a Dedicated Server
  • Understanding Directory Permissions

2. Basics of the WordPress User Interface

  • Understanding the WordPress Dashboard
  • Pages, Tags, Media and Content Administration
  • Core WordPress Settings

3. Finding and Using WordPress Plugins

  • Finding and Installing Plugins Quickly and Easily
  • Upgrading WordPress Plugins
  • Recommended WordPress Plugins

4. Working with WordPress Themes

  • Understanding the Structure of WordPress Themes
  • Finding Themes and Choosing the Right One
  • Installing and Configuring Themes
  • Editing and Customizing Themes
  • Using Theme Frameworks and Parent-Child Themes
  • Theme Best Practices

5. WordPress Content Management

  • Understanding Posts Versus Pages
  • Organizing Posts with Categories
  • Connecting Posts Together with Tags
  • Custom Post Types and Custom Taxonomies
  • Managing Lists of Links

6. Creating and Managing Content

  • Understanding the Structure of WordPress Themes
  • Finding Themes and Choosing the Right One
  • Installing and Configuring Themes
  • Editing and Customizing Themes
  • Using Theme Frameworks and Parent-Child Themes
  • Theme Best Practices

7. WordPress based Sites

  • WordPress as a Blog vs. WordPress as a Website
  • Converting a Website to WordPress
  • WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS)
  • Beyond blogging: Other Uses for WordPress

8. WordPress Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • A Checklist for WordPress SEO
  • Using SEO Plugins and SEO Friendly WordPress Themes
  • Mastering Google Webmaster Tools
  • Writing and Linking for SEO

9. Managing Multimedia with WordPress

  • Organizing Pictures, Videos and Downloadable Files in WordPress
  • Alternatives to Using WordPress for Managing Media Online
  • Using WordPress Photo Galleries

10. WordPress Site Maintenance

  • Updating and Upgrading WordPress itself
  • Updating Plugins and Theme s
  • Database Maintenance for WordPress Users
  • WP-DB Manager

11. WordPress Security

  • Securing WordPress Passwords
  • Updates and Patches to Keep Your Site Secure
  • Connecting Securely to Your WordPress Site
  • User Management

12. Troubleshooting Common WordPress Problems

  • Fixing Posts and Pages if They Break
  • Fixing Broken Widgets
  • Fixing Theme Issues
  • Fixing Plugins
  • Identifying and Fixing Common Database Issues
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13. WordPress Advanced Concepts

  • WordPress Multisite
  • Working with Jquery.
  • WordPress Social Networking using Buddypress.

Who can attend the WordPress Training in Mohali?

WordPress Course is designed for Fresh Graduates who are looking for jobs, Bloggers who want to manage their blogs, small business owners who direct their own websites, experienced web designers who want to learn about WordPress, and for anyone wishing to incorporate WordPress into their web workflow.

  • Anybody interested in WordPress
  • You don’t require any special “technical” knowledge to attend this course
  • Familiar with using the Internet
  • Website Builders
  • WordPress Developers
  • Bloggers

Career path & Job Profiles after WordPress Training in Mohali

WordPress is the power-packed open-source blogging element that is available for free of option online. Easy format, plugin varieties and user-friendly approach have made the broad usage of white WordPress. The functionality is very understandable and also every organization has started using this platform. The bureau of labour statistics has accepted that WordPress developers are paid higher and the field is expected to develop every year in an enormous way.

  • WordPress developer: WordPress Developers are responsible for both back-end & front-end development, involving creating WordPress themes and plugins. They have many programming skills such as PHP, HTML5, CSS3, & JavaScript.
  • Tibco developer: There are some skills that numerous Tibco developers have in order to fulfill their responsibilities. By taking a look through resumes, we were able to small down the most common skills for a person in this position. We discovered that a lot of resumes listed analytical skills, innovative and communication skills.
  • Senior developer: A senior developer possesses: 5-8 years of experience. Inherent passion for learning and self-development. 110% work ethic.The ability to develop and mentor the middle developers of the team.
  • WordPress job manager: WP Job Manager is a lightweight plugin for adding job-board functionality to your WordPress site. Shortcodes enable you to easily output personnel jobs in many formats, lists of jobs, a job submission form and even an employer dashboard which logged-in users can use to view, edit and delete their job listings.
  • Frontend and backend programmer: Frontend developers primarily use three languages: HTML, CSS, Javascript. Backend developers require to be proficient in programming languages that render on the server-side of a website or application. The very famous backend programming languages are PHP, Ruby, Python, Node. js, & Java.

Job Assistance after WordPress Training in Mohali

Once you complete your assignments and projects, our trainers provide you with one-on-one career guidance with great prominence on mock interviews and creating an online professional portfolio to help you get noticed by top recruiters.

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Resume Building

Our industry professionals tell you what exactly to put in your resumes and how to highlight them on top job portals.

Online Reputation Building

We start up your presence on all the right social networks like Git, Stack Overflow, LinkedIn, etc.

Mock Interviews

Our industry specialists give you insider tips on how to face the real tech interviews of top companies.

Placement Assistance

Interviews with top MNCs and IRY Firms and start-ups and periodic placement drives will be arranged

Why join us for WordPress Training in Mohali?

WordPress Training in Mohali has an incredible infrastructure along with groundbreaking resources to offer the perfect oppose for shaping up the future of both students & working professionals in the opportunity. We have an extremely experienced faculty on board to help candidates learn the most important tips and tricks of the WordPress development that are needed to get success at the highest level. Our academy has a neat and clean campus and the premises house the most spacious and well-furnished classrooms for feeding the perfect and absorbing learning environment for individuals where they can get maximum subjection and in-depth knowledge and expertise of the do’s and don’ts of their field.

Our WordPress training classes in Mohali have the best student-teacher ratio amongst the various skill development academies and all of central India that provide a similar set of courses and programs in the WordPress niche. We believe that each and every individual has the potential to reach greatness in his niche and this is the reason that we only allow a finite number of students in every batch to ensure the highest level of individual attention for each and every individual taking up the wordpress course.

  • Our trainers are working IT professionals in MNCs.
  • Our trainers have a minimum of 8 years’ experience in IT.
  • We provide training based on three levels – Beginners, Advanced, Project Use cases.
  • We also provide Placement opportunities for Working IT Professionals & Fresher’s
  • Separate batches facility for Working Professionals & Fresher’s
  • Limited Seats Available to get proper attention to each student
  • We also offer classroom recordings to envelop the missed sessions
  • 100% practical oriented approach with Real-time scenarios
  • Mock interview and test facility also available
  • We are the best WordPress Trainers in Mohali providing training for custom development and total customization of WordPress themes.
  • My top wordpress training team will train you to set up WordPress, and also develop themes and plugins.
  • WordPress Training in the Mohali team will provide you with exposure to all major WordPress theme frameworks.
  • I and my wordpress trainers in Mohali are mainly focusing on quality training for our students.

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