Top 5 Medical Colleges in Punjab

Top 5 Medical Colleges in Punjab – Punjab state is placed in the northern portion of India. It is adjoined by Jammu & Kashmir, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, and Rajasthan states. Chandigarh is the capital city of the state. Punjab is one of the several states which are well recognized for giving education in the medical profession. Many medical colleges are established in this state.

According to the report, the average education rate of Punjab is 84.78%. So, if you are looking for some good medical colleges in Punjab, then we have curated a list of the Top 5 Medical Colleges in Punjab.

Here are the Top 5 Medical Colleges in Punjab

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1st out of Top 5 Medical Colleges in Punjab

All Saints Institute of Medical Sciences and Research

First and foremost, All Saints Institute of Medical Sciences and Research has staff who are experienced clinicians and it is not unique to find them engaged in clinical care. This expertise and knowledge are consistently taken into the classroom to improve the learners learning. In addition to their precise classroom academic instruction from their staff, their clinical education plan is combined with the regional hospitals thereby providing students reach to various clinical experiences over the healthcare continuum.

In addition, several work practice activities are available including, but not restricted to: Balance & Vestibular Rehabilitation Clinic, Women’s Health, Sports Medicine, Industrial Rehab, and Hand Therapy. The curriculum is intended to maintain early and fast integration of their learners into the clinical conditions throughout their collegiate program. They are the pioneer institute for Physiotherapy in the kingdom of Punjab, after the year 2000.

Contact details of All Saints Institute of Medical Sciences and Research

Address: Southern Canal By-Pass, V.P.O. Jaspal Bangar, Ludhiana – 141 122

College Phone Number: +91-16128-13540

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2nd out of Top 5 Medical Colleges in Punjab

Government Medical College

Government Medical College, Amritsar draws its support as a Medical School in Lahore in 1864. It was following relocated to Amritsar in 1920. The college has a cherished past and made for itself a position of dignity in the area of medical education and patient interest in the area. Over the years the school has developed as a nursery of medical teachers and qualified physicians who have fanned out in the nation to work as key members in private as well as government healthcare to satisfy the growing demands of the nation.

The formation of the College in the Pradhan Mantri Swasthya Suraksha Yojana-a connection between the State and Central Government – has directed to a much-needed improvement in terms of support and facilities which has led to more reliable patient care, teaching, and research results.

Contact details of Government Medical College

Address: Medical Enclave, Amritsar, Punjab 143001

College Phone Number: +91-18324-26918

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3rd out of Top 5 Medical Colleges in Punjab

Gian Sagar Medical College

Gian Sagar Medical College & Hospital is assigned to giving the best healthcare services through skilled experts by utilizing moral practices with high-end technology to assure regular care with a human feel at an affordable price.

They deliver the greatest level of patient comfort by following a patient-centric way to become the most favored healthcare assistance provider by 2020.

Contact details of Gian Sagar Medical College

Address: Gian Sagar Multi-Specialty Hospital Ramnagar, Rajpura, Patiala (Pb) 140401

College Phone Number: +91-17625-20000

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4th out of Top 5 Medical Colleges in Punjab

Saraswati Group of Colleges

Saraswati Group of Colleges, Gharuan, is located in Chandigarh-Ludhiana National Highway 95 and was instituted in 2004 by Saraswati Professional and Higher Education Society. They give expert training in the Department of Ayurveda, Nursing, Pharmacy, and Paramedical Sciences.

Saraswati Group of Colleges evaluates students’ goals. That’s why they think in helping their learners for their educational, social, cultural, and spiritual growth. They are fully committed to supporting their learners to discover, grow, and foster their potential to create while providing them enough chances to follow their goals. They are one of the most reliable & most diverse medical colleges in Chandigarh.

Contact details of Saraswati Group of Colleges

Address: National Highway 95, Gharuan, Punjab 140413

College Phone Number: +91-90410-02246

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5th out of Top 5 Medical Colleges in Punjab

AIIMS Bathinda

Professor D K Singh entered as the establishing Executive Director of AIIMS, Bathinda on 27.06.2020. Professor Singh envisions achieving the order of this institute by growing it into a hub of perfection in medical care, a state-of-the-art department for medical training and research.

He has served in various roles for the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) and the Medical Council of India (MCI).

Recognizing the great demand for qualified medical departments in this region, Prof Singh has the main thrust on improving the spectrum of services being giving in AIIMS Bathinda. Improvising the types of medical education by combining the latest curriculum progress and assessment systems is also started.

Contact details of AIIMS Bathinda

Address: Dabwali Rd, Lal Singh Nagar, Bathinda, Punjab 151001

College Phone Number: +91-16428-67250

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Why choose a Career In the Medical Field?

Parents often promote the concept of keeping a profession in the medical field for their children. Other parents support children to take their career paths on their own. As a student, think about pursuing a career in medicine whether your parents actively move you to or not. If you do, you will get more than just an awesome title. Advancing medical training and post-graduate programs that learners go through give them meaningful and pleasant futures. Proceed reading to see the top reasons to take a profession in the medical department.

Financial Stability

Many students pick a profession in the medical field for financial gains. Most experts associate doctors with large incomes. While doctors do earn great pay for their work, other kinds of medical careers also produce high paychecks. Furthermore, various kinds of medical careers offer workers bonuses.

These advantages support professionals with families in securing a healthy financial state. If a doctor’s child falls sick, they rely on their excellent insurance and do not bother about the associated charges. Instead, they concentrate on their family and how they can enhance the health of their offspring. Choose a profession in the medical profession if you desire to build a financially solid future.

Sense of Achievement

Another reason to persevere in the medical field is for the constant excitement in medical careers. Some students stay excited by the idea of enrolling in the workforce after graduation. Others are scared by the thought. For many, graduation is a gateway into a life of monotonous work. If you resonate with this feeling, choose a career in the medical field.

Unlike other jobs, those in the healthcare industry entail new boundaries, people, and technological devices daily. The medical field forces professionals to stay on their toes at all times of the day. Thus, it is an extremely interesting work path to take.

Increasing Demand

Also, think about a career in the medical field because the need for workers is constantly growing. In contrast to other fields, the economy and most modern trends do not power the healthcare activity. The demand for medicine and treatment increases as the population does. Since the population has been increasing, so requires medical services.

Moreover, this growing demand is transpiring throughout the United States. With a medical degree, you can go to any state you desire and still find a job quickly. To receive job reassurance, take a job in medicine.

Diverse Opportunities

Students choose to go to medical school for the various opportunities as well. Friendly colleges give you a positive learning atmosphere and a close supportive fellowship with one-on-one tutoring, mentoring, possibilities for peer-led learning, student clubs, and activities.” Since the medical profession is so enormous, you have an apparently never-ending supply of opportunities. You can become an MD and go on to practice in many various areas.

Your knowledge does not ever have to stay in the medical profession. Whether you take the family system, internal medicine, or orthopedic surgeon course, you set yourself up to proceed with learning and gaining new goals during your career. More so, you discover ways to improve your income and skill set as well. Decide on a profession in the medical profession to develop your professional opportunities.

Strong Impact

Finally, every healthcare expert strongly affects the world. Most students who have not started educational journeys in medicine believe that medical experts only help their victims. While that is a great achievement in and of itself, practitioners affect other people’s experiences as well. Consider each patient’s family.

When a doctor performs a transplant happily, they protect the life of the patient. Together, they give relief to the patient’s concerned family members in the waiting place. Doctors who lead research and find remedies to diseases undoubtedly affect the lives of sick patients across the world. If you take a career in the medical field, you choose to better people’s lives throughout the world.

Different courses and career options in Medical Field

Doctor (MBBS)

Doctors are accountable for managing health and fitness, originally by diagnosis, an apt way of illnesses/injuries of patients. A doctor may work with victims of all age groups, or choose to practice in a special area like cardiology, or neurology.

After choosing a PCB subject combination, the bulk of the students consider becoming a doctor. The first level is a degree in MBBS which is of 4.5 years and is supported by an internship (1 year). While the degree, you will examine different topics such as anatomy, physiology, allied medicine, population medicine, pediatrics, microbiology, etc. While these years you will receive not only to diagnosis and heal patients, but also the principles to practice, different national-level health programs, and the abilities to work in the precise profession of medicine.

Veterinary (B.V.Sc)

A veterinarian is a medical specialist who gives animals to medical departments. If you love animals and can treat them, this is the right profession for you. Veterinary doctors even offer operations on animals, perform different tests to protect against diseases, and educate animal keepers about the overall care of the animals.

You will get the chance to work in diverse environments, from private/government hospitals, clinics to poultry farms, husbandry departments, etc. You can even run in the field of research after developing your excellent degrees.

Optometry (B.Optom.)

Optometry is a healthcare service that is involved with treating & diagnosing eye-related difficulties. With the expanding acceptance of technology and visual media, the demand for optometrists is expected to grow different in the coming years, making it a lucrative career option.

You can serve in shops/ organizations, hospitals, or even serve as a consultant. You can run in an ophthalmic (eye) clinic, or Ophthalmology/ optometry staff in hospitals, optician shops, optical, ophthalmic industry & trade.

Public Health Administration

Public Health Administration is a field of administration that emphasizes developing good healthcare and hygiene with the general public. They work on various projects both on a person and group level. Their job profile includes managing, leading, and administrating hospitals, health care & public health policies.

You can track promotion in any medical/ allied medicine area and then run for a Masters in Public Health (MPH) program. The advantage of a master’s degree is that it will assist in the building of certain keywords, such as writing, research, and analysis. These experiences are important for performance, as they will change policies and regulations that affect public healthcare. If you don’t desire to invest 2 years in post-graduation, you can also seek a post-graduate diploma for a year.

Ayurveda (BAMS)

An Ayurveda practitioner utilizes natural therapies tailored to the requirements of each person, to reduce impurities, decrease stress, and fight disease. The treatment varies from diet, lifestyle advice, and massages, to yoga, study, and herbal supplements.

Bachelor in Ayurveda medicine and surgery is required to practice as an Ayurveda doctor. During the development, you will about new anatomy i.e. study of human structures, systems of medicine, social and defensive medicines, forensic medicine, etc.

You will find employment in hospitals and hospitals as Ayurvedic doctors. You can serve as an ayurvedic pharmacist, a drug company in government hospitals, or get into the study with pharmaceutical companies and study centers.

Homeopathy (BHMS)

Homeopathy is a variety of alternative medicine that works on the concept that the body restores itself due to its self-healing ability. These doctors necessitate a holistic way to treat victims after studying the underlying principles of the illness.

BHMS is for 5.5 years and would cover a broad range of issues such as foundation to herbology i.e. using plants for medicinal purposes, fundamentals of ayurvedic plant healing, basic laws of homeopathy, etc. After your graduation, you can continue MD (3 years) in homeopathic pharmacy, the use of Medicine, Psychiatry, Pediatrics, etc. according to your interest.

Medical colleges, research institutes, consultancies, training institutes, life science enterprises, the healthcare association, nursing homes, etc. are some areas that use homeopathic specialists.


The above list of Top 5 Medical Colleges in Punjab has been selected by us. Although every effort has been taken to register your details, we still recommend you to communicate with the department.

This list will assist you with the names of the Top 5 Medical Colleges in Punjab. We will suggest you not get any decision based on this list. You need to talk with some instructors and choose for yourself – which one you will love the most.

If you think we have juggled any of the Top 5 Medical Colleges in Punjab. Please tell us of it. We are assured we would be glad to list it or If you want any of the above Medical Colleges to be excluded from the list due to bad execution. However, the choice to combine or exclude entries is up to you. And to think so is to follow the right way.

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