Top 5 Immigration Consultants in Chandigarh – Today, lots of students want to travel abroad. Everyone consults an immigration consultant from one of the top 5 best immigration consultants in Chandigarh. Also, be it is for advice on settling or studying abroad, visa consultants played a major role. An immigration consultant is a person who services people or helps them to immigrate from one country to another. Moreover, that process includes varied legal gates pertaining to different visa types & legal documentation.

And moreover, different countries means many programs for different visa types & classes. Hence all these make a complicated task even more complicated for abroad aspirants. Therefore work visa consultants or immigration consultants in Chandigarh or whatever you say is the best remedy.

Moreover, an Immigration consultant increases your chances to immigrate to another country for travel, study work, business, or permanent immigration purpose.

Consultants have a good knowledge of immigration and country laws and different types of visas that increase the chances of immigration. Here we have provided the list of the immigration consultants for the study visa consultants in Chandigarh, work visa consultants in Chandigarh, and Permanent Residence. So overall, we would guide you through the list of the best immigration consultants in Chandigarh.


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Spearhead Immigration Consultant 

Spearhead is known as one of the best immigration consultants for Study Visa and Immigration Consultancy in Chandigarh. The head office is located at S.C.F 123, Phase 3B2, Mohali (Above Domino’s) and is managed by Mr. Abhishek Bhaker, who has been authorized to carry the consultancy business, Licence no 252/IC. Referring to his educational background, he has completed his Masters in Business Administration from the University of California.

The team at Spearhead comprises experienced Visa Counselors, SOP writer, and Visa Filing Officer who are expertise in providing exceptional counseling and filing services pertaining to Tourist Visa, Study Visa, and Case filing for Permanent Residency. They guide the students after a thorough assessment of their profile and discuss options accordingly. The Counselors possess up-to-date knowledge of the procedures, rules, and regulations of countries including Canada, New Zealand, the U.S.A, and Australia.

In addition to that, the Visa success rate of this institution has risen to an exceptional percentage of 95% for SDS and 80% for Non-SDS over the past few years. The name of Spearhead has shone gradually over the years.

ADDRESS: SCF 71, 2nd Floor, Phase 3B2, Sector 60, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Mohali, Punjab, India 160059
Contact:077106 17777

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Blue Sapphire

Blue Sapphire is a trusted immigration consultant in Chandigarh. Here It treats its client with the most genuine seal of trust.

The immigration consultants in Chandigarh charge reasonable for all its services and provides a great output for that with much more than the expectation. Also Blue Sapphire provides you with work visa consultants in Chandigarh. Besides its such prowess in abroad consultants, it packs a whole bunch with its number of international tie-ups. Moreover, Bue Sapphire Edu consultants give candidates the information. For instance, if they need information on the university approval certificate, the student gets it.

Blue Sapphire consultants provide services in IELTS, Spoken English for students, and Interview preparation, air ticketing, hotel booking, free assessment, and immigration services for professionals. Located in sector 34A, Blue Sapphire is a trusted immigration service provider, it treats its client with the most genuine seal of trust. The company charges reasonably for all its services and provides a great output for that with much more than the expectation. Along with it, its preparation courses like IELTS, spoken English, and interview skills development are taken into consideration by experienced trainers that explain each and every concept efficiently and professionally. The committed team of counselors, education advisors works with a strict student approach. IELTS is tough stuff to take on when it comes to a career but this company helps you to achieve all your dreams. The company also provides services like flight booking and hotel booking at/.. economical prices. So with a complete package like this one you can achieve your lifestyle in a country of your choice.

Address– SCO 58-59, Sub. City Center Sector 34A, Chandigarh, Punjab, India 160022

Contact– 9779977314

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TBIL – Chandigarh Immigration Consultants

TBIL over years has been ranked as one of the best immigration consultants of Chandigarh. Owing to its transparency and wonderful track record of assisting numerous individuals to realize their overseas dream be it immigration, study, or PR. The team consists of individuals who have years of experience behind them and are well versed with the ever-changing immigration guidelines and regulations. Their first-time free consulting services enable them to understand client’s requirements followed by explaining all-important guidelines of the process including the fees, requirements, or time it takes for approval.

One of the highlights of TBIL is that they are known to handle each case with prudent care and provide the customer with the guidance that puts them in great standing to get a visa. Also, the student is kept informed about the process through mail. Besides TBIL offers guaranteed commitment and a way to track his application whenever needed & moreover has satisfactory refund options in case the file is not getting picked up.

With the institute being ranked as a leading immigration consultant in Chandigarh, they deliver the best migration services in town. TBIL prepares candidates with the essential skills required to face both the interview panel for immigration or for the student visas. TBIL is definitely far superior in terms of the services it offers.

TBIL is known to provide the services like IELTS coaching in all four skills like Reading, Writing, Speaking & Listening, Public Speaking & Seminar Presentation, Expert Career Counseling & Guidance on Aptitude tests, University & Course SelectionApplication to Universities, Country Selection & Placement Abroad. Permanent Residency Consultancy & Assistance and assistance.

Address– SCO 73-75

3rd Floor, Sector-17 D

Near Fountain, Above Hot Millions

Chandigarh, Punjab, India160017

Contact:080808 01535

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Worldwide Immigration Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. Has been providing satisfactory services to the clients. Moreover, the group has provided settlement solutions to over 10,000 clients which shows its dominance in the field.

Also, the WWICS Immigration group consultants in Chandigarh have also grown their roots in the settlement, placement, higher education, hospitality, golf, etc. More importantly, the consultant provides great guidance and knowledge to the visa application processes in various countries. WWICS thrives on maintaining the secrecy of clientele relationships. So fear of theft or loss of any information is not a problem for customers. Also, they placed the customer’s interest right at the top order avoiding any conflict of interests.

If you want to go for the immigration consultants in Chandigarh, then the consults have a fair background regarding the work visa for many countries. And more evidently these visa consultants in Chandigarh visa succession rates keep getting/ higher each year.

Address– A-12, Phase-6, Industrial Area, Sector 56, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Mohali, Punjab, India 160055

Contact– 0172 666 3600

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Oceanic Consultants

Oceanic Consultants in Chandigarh is present in sector 9 c and is one of the best immigration consultants in Chandigarh. The consultants have been serving for 20 years and have hundreds of satisfied customers. The consultants offer study abroad services in which you can apply for the study visa of the country of your choice. The consultants can help you with the study visa for Australia, the USA, UK, New Zealand, Canada, and even more. The consultants help you to slip through the visa formalities and stay with you from the first day of the application till you get your flight tickets so that you can confidently do what you are opting for. The consultants also help you with the course and college selection so that you don’t skip anything important.

Having a customer-oriented philosophy, Oceanic Consultants in Chandigarh is another top immigration consultants in Chandigarh. Besides residing in Sector 9, oceanic consultants have been servicing customers for 20 years now.

Moreover, the main feature of the consultants is that they charge the institutions overseas for their service and not the customers. Therefore omitting double charge and helping you to save. Also, every great organization is always running behind with great professionals. The same goes for this work visa consultant in Chandigarh. Saying so its team is also a true example of dedicated professionals combined with their technical knowledge.

With their great service as immigration consultants in Chandigarh, you can surely reach your dream university in your dream country.

Address– SCO 124-126, CITCO Petrol Pump, Sector-9c Behind CITCO Petrol Pump, Chandigarh, Punjab, India 160009

Contact– 0172 330 0300
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Benefits of Hiring an Immigration Consultant

If you are planning to move abroad, it is important to fulfill the legal formalities. However, it is difficult to understand the process of visa application. For smooth processing of application visa, you can hire the services of immigration consultants in Chandigarh and get several benefits such as

Avoid Costly Mistakes
While filling immigration applications the candidates make mistakes and sometimes omit some aspects. The immigration officer sends the application back for clarification. In that case, the candidates need to fill a new form that results in the delay of the immigration process. An immigration agent knows how to fill the form correctly. You can consult an immigration agent and fill the form correctly to avoid mistakes and save time.

Knowledge of Rules
The immigration process does not end with the approval of the application. The candidate needs to follow the rules to ensure that your stay in the country in the right manner. In case, you break any rules, there are chances of getting permits revoked or being deported. The consultants know the rules and they guide you with the rules that you need to follow during your stay or for your transition to citizenship.

Know the Options
If you are planning to immigrate to any other country, there are numerous options like skilled workers, study, family sponsorship, business immigration, permanent residence, etc. The immigration consultants possess the knowledge and they help in selecting the right option based on your situation and qualification. They help you to get a smooth immigration process.

Improves the Chances for the Approval
Filling the immigration application form might take time for processing. However, the immigration consultants have the knowledge of rules, appropriate options as well as processing time. Therefore, consulting the agent can improve the chances of approval at a decent time.

Why Choose these Immigration consultants?

Do you want to use an immigration consultant in your Canadian immigration application? The answer is “no” according to citizenship and immigration. All immigration forms are online for your access and you do not need to appoint an immigration representative. The decision to hire an immigration professional is dependent on the applicant himself or herself.
Then, why should anyone choose to retain the service of a registered immigration consultant?

1. Consultant can assist you with choosing the “best” option for your situation
Do you know that there are more than 60 Canadian immigration programs? Do you also know that you can change your status during your stay in Canada? There are also many ways for you to apply for a work visa. Everyone’s situation is unique and there is no absolute best option. A Registered immigration consultant who understands different immigration or visa programs will assist you in choosing a “better option” for your particular situation.

2. You are assured that your file is presented in an organized and complete way
Immigration application is a serious matter and details matter the most. Do you know that if you submit your application forms with information you are not sure of, or you leave some questions blank will lead to your file being rejected or sent back to you for reapplication? A certified immigration consultant has a qualified high level of details and organization skill to make sure that your information is complete and your case will be presented to immigration officers in an organized way for their easy processing. A detailed submission letter will also be sent along with your application to make a good impression on your case.

3. Consultant will make the complicated process simpler for you
Immigration is a complicated process. It is not only because of the complex Canadian immigration legal system. It is also the extent of your financial and emotional commitment to come and establish yourself in a new country. With the immigration law knowledge and the local knowledge of Canadian society, a registered immigration consultant will guide you through the process and make the complicated process simpler for you.

4. Consultant will save your valuable time
Even for the easiest immigration cases, with all the forms and instruction guides online, not everyone has the time to invest in analyzing the instruction, filling out the forms, and preparing documents to submit. Sometimes, even a simple matter can use someone for a few days with no 100% understanding of the requirement and rules.
If you send an incomplete application or miss some details, your case can be returned to you without a refund and you will have to send the package again. A registered immigration consultant already has all the resources in the office ready and will guide you in a quick and efficient manner. He is thinking and doing it for you, so your valuable time maybe something more meaningful to you.

5. Professional Knowledge and Education
As a registered immigration consultant, he must attend a professional immigration practitioner program and pass various examinations to obtain a license. He or she must fulfill a number of obligations, including continuing education, paying high membership fees, and insurance to maintain a professional title. A registered immigration consultant also has a code of professional conduct to require a license. Therefore, the financial and time investment by a registered consultant can be reflected in the quality of work he or she produces for the clients.

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