Top 5 MBBS Colleges in Punjab – MBBS degree is an undergraduate course for students who want to fulfill their dream of become a doctor. Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) is a professional degree in medical filed. After complete MBBS course and obtaining degree, students will be qualified as Medical Practitioner or Doctor. The duration of MBBS course is 5 years and 6 months, which includes 1 year of rotational internship in hospitals, health centers and health campus organized by non-profit organizations (NGOs). The syllabus of MBBS subjects like Anatomy, Pharmacology and Pathology as well as Community Health and Medicine. The curriculum is designed in such a way that MBBS degree holders can select the specialization for further studies and practice medicine.

Here are the Best Top 5 MBBS Colleges in Punjab

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1st Out of the Top 5 MBBS Colleges in Punjab

Christian Medical College (CMC)

Christian Medical College (CMC), Ludhiana is an educational and research institution established in 1894. The college is recognized by the Medical Council of India and affiliated to Baba Farid University of Health Sciences, Faridkot, Punjab. It has 47 departments. This includes a 755-bed hospital with 24×7 services and a busy outpatient service. It includes Medical Colleges, Dental Colleges, Nursing Colleges, Physiotherapy Colleges and Allied Health Sciences Institutes. It is ranked 18th for Medical by NIRF in 2019. It offers MBBS which is its major courses, Post Graduate Diploma and Degree courses, Allied Health Sciences courses, Super-specialty Medical courses, Bachelor of Science, Master of Science and Diploma courses in Nursing. and other areas. It has tie-up with Ludhiana CMC Board USA, Inc., Ludhiana Australian Fellowship, Ludhiana NZ. Fellowship Inc., etc.

Contact Details of Christian Medical College (CMC)

Address: Brown Rd, CMC Campus, Ludhiana, Punjab 141008, India

College Phone Number:  0161 211 5000

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2nd Out of the Top 5 MBBS Colleges in Punjab

Baba Farid Uuniversity of Health Sciences

Baba Farid University of Health Sciences (BFUHS) is a State University located in Faridkot, Punjab and was established under an Act passed by the Legislature of the State of Punjab in July 1998. Baba Farid University of Health Sciences is now working as the International Training Center for the American Heart Association. BFUHS Faridkot offers various UG, PG, Diploma, PG Diploma, Certificate, M.Ch. and Ph.D. courses. Admission to certain courses will be on the basis of Entrance Exams conducted by BFUHS while for most of them, scores obtained in external Entrance Exams will be considered.

Contact Details of Baba Farid University of Health Sciences

Address: Sadiq Road, Society Nagar, Faridkot, Punjab 151203, India

College Phone Number: 0163 925 7884

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3rd Out of the Top 5 MBBS Colleges in Punjab

Gian Sagar Medical College & Hospital

Gyan Sagar Medical College and Hospital is an educational institution and hospital which offers an assortment of latest clinical facilities along with surgical and medical facilities to provide the best patient care. The quality facilities provided by the college have created great track record since its inception. The breadth and scope of various academic programs within the college campus is constantly being expanded to provide high quality services in future also. The college pass out students are globally accepted in all the major hospitals in the country and even abroad.

Contact Details of Gyan Sagar Medical College and Hospital

Address: Ram Nagar, Banur, National Highway 64, Jansla, Patiala, Punjab 140506, India

College Phone Number: 01762 520 000

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4th Out of the Top 5 MBBS Colleges in Punjab

Government Medical College – [GMC]

Government Medical College, Amritsar was established in 1920, and was earlier known as Glancey Medical College. At the time of partition in 1947, it was the only medical college existing in northern India. It is now being governed by the Director Research and Medical Education, Punjab. The college is affiliated to Baba Farid University of Health Sciences, Faridkot. It has an emergency and super specialty block of 200 beds.

Contact Details of Government Medical College – [GMC]

Address: Medical Enclave, Amritsar, Punjab 143001

College Phone Number: 0183 242 6918

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5th Out of the Top 5 MBBS Colleges in Punjab

Adesh University

Adesh University was established in the year 2012 by Adesh Foundation, is a private university situated in Bathinda, Punjab. It was approved by the University Grants Commission (UGC) and Medical Council of India (MCI). The university offers Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Diploma, PG Diploma, and Research courses in various disciplines. The UG courses MBBS, BPT, BDS, B. Pharm, B.Lib, and B.Sc. The PG courses include M.Sc., MD, MS, M.Lib, M.Pharm, and MBA. It also offers specializations each in PG Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses.

The admission process is both merit-based for undergraduate courses and entrance test for other postgraduate and postgraduate diploma courses. University Placement Cell provides internship and placement to its students in top companies. Even the students are given scholarships on the basis of different categories.

Contact Details of  Adesh University

Address:  Barnala road Bathinda, National Highway 64, Bathinda, Punjab 151009, India

College Phone Number: 0164 505 5208

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What is MBBS?

MBBS degree is an undergraduate course for the candidates who want to fulfill their dream of becoming a doctor. The Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (BMBS) or Baccalaureus Medicinae, Baccalaureus Chirurgiae (MBBS) degree program is a national undergraduate specialist graduate degree program for medical aspirants. This program allows interested and eligible candidates to study medicine and surgery in the country. The duration of MBBS course is five and a half years with one year internship.

Importance of MBBS

MBBS stands for Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. It is a highly competitive program as admissions are given on the basis of rank obtained in NEET exam. Every year lakhs of students appear in the NEET exam. Many students take a year off from their academic year to prepare for NEET exam to get admission in reputed medical colleges of India. Successfully completing MBBS opens up many medical career opportunities in the healthcare industry. Candidates can opt for MS, MD or DNB in ​​any related specialization after successfully completing MBBS program. They can opt for many careers like general surgeon, endocrinologist, pathologist, neurologist, physician, ENT specialist, cardiologist and oncologist.

You will study the human body – inside and out

Are you fascinated by the complexity of the human skeleton. Are you excited to meet a human corpse for the first time. Well, you will get to know the name of each bone, their shape and size by heart. It would also provide a great opportunity to act out Hamlet scenes considering the nature of existence, and I’m sure no one will judge you for playing skeleton dress-up after 4 weeks of studying for the exam.

Your medical studies will take you closer to understanding the inner workings of the kidneys, lungs, human brain, and every tiny sac that is needed for an organism to function as it should. You will finally find the meaning of all the songs that are talking about touching one’s heart, and are on one’s mind literally.

Even after the apocalypse, you’ll have complete job security

You have probably heard about the stability of the medical job and the high salaries of doctors. But did you see that doctors still have this good after the apocalypse. These people get all the facilities even after the civilization is wiped out.

Everyone protects them because it is they who keep the group alive and healthy despite all the dangers. They won’t stop you from turning into a zombie once you take a bite, but they certainly will. That is why they are usually the leader of the group and also the person with the most authority. Just like in real life.

Doctors need excellent leadership and communication skills as well as a healthy dose of bedside etiquette. They are part of a team that needs to work effectively because messing up kills people. You need to address your patients clearly and with empathy and also ensure that you are on good terms with the nurses who are essential to the well being of the patient.

You can study medicine anywhere in the world

The great thing about starting your medical science degree is that you are not limited to your country. There are many study options all over the world. And, spoiler alert: everyone needs a good doctor.

You will be a Scientist

Medicine has gone a long way from using leeches as witch doctors and remedies, and we can safely say that it is now an established science. But science is always growing and evolving, and that is the job of the medical researcher. It is a career that you can start preparing for even your graduation, while preparing to work with the best and brightest minds.

And there are still many mysterious medical conditions to be explained! For example, you can legitimately research why people turn into werewolves?

Patients suffering from hypertrichosis, or werewolf syndrome, grow hair all over their body, and the condition can be both inherited or acquired. Some people actually get it as a side effect of anti-hair treatments. Therefore, it is technically much easier to become a werewolf than a vampire.

You have the latest technology at your fingertips

Forget the new iPhone 8, I have a new surgery robot. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. Governments and companies are investing heavily in medical technology, which means you’ll always have the best equipment to do your job and there’s no room for error.

Take your pick from state-of-the-art prosthetics, 3D printed organs (and actual 3D printing with biomaterials), devices that analyze your vocal characteristics to diagnose your health, wearable diagnostic sensors, food scanners that tell you where you are. What’s in your food, whatever you say.

Scope of MBBS

Before choosing a medical field, you need to figure out what you want to do after earning an MBBS degree. It is necessary to do thorough research before pursuing MBBS as medical courses are quite expensive especially if you are pursuing education from a private medical institution.

Apart from practicing medicine after completing MBBS course, there are various traditional and contemporary career opportunities that you can choose from after the completion of the programme.

Despite the common belief that there is little or no scope in research, there are many students in India who opt for research programs and fellowships. A large number of top research institutes in India which have gained national and international recognition in the past are most sought after among the youth of the country. The government has also initiated various initiatives that have accelerated and expanded the field of research, creating a really good opportunity in this area.

Research is a very promising career if you are sure about your interests and the areas of study you want to pursue. There are various earning opportunities in this field as well. Most of the research scholars are hired by various research and education institutions to teach young undergraduates and graduates.

MBBS Eligibility

Applicants must meet the eligibility requirements for Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (BMBS) or MBBS degree. Candidates should also be aware of the basic requirements required to earn a bachelor’s degree in medicine and a bachelor’s degree in surgery, including an understanding of the curriculum. These are the essential eligibility requirements that students must follow to get MBBS admission.

  • The minimum marks criteria may vary, however, in the intermediate examination, general applicants must have secured at least 50 per cent marks.
  • The minimum age requirement to register for MBBS program is 17 years.
  • Applicants have to qualify the required entrance test for admission.
  • Applicants must have done at least 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry and Biology as compulsory subjects.
  • The minimum percentage for eligible candidates of reserved category is 40 percent.
  • The maximum age limit to apply for MBBS program is 25 years


Here are the Best Top 5 MBBS Colleges in Punjab. Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery degree program. The 1st two advanced and professional undergraduate medical degrees are the Bachelor of Medicine and the Bachelor of Surgery. It is probably one of the topmost degrees in the world and hence by profession, after completing MBBS from top medical colleges, a person officially turns into a medical professional field. This is a very long study that requires a great deal of patience and ability.

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